Voice Controlled Security: ADT Security Partners with Amazon’s Alexa

February 13, 2017

You probably already know that Amazon Echo and Dot are excellent at listening to voice commands and are popular devices for home automation enthusiasts. ADT Security is taking advantage of these listening home assistants to make you feel modern while you secure your home. The company is integrating its security system with the Alexa voice control system in the Amazon Echo and Dot. By the end of this month, ADT Pulse users will be able to arm and disarm their security systems, control the lights and other ADT Pulse compatible connected home devices through voice control.

We know what you’re thinking…

You may be concerned that burglars could exploit the voice-controlled alarm system, but ADT already thought of that possibility. A user can only issue a voice command to arm and disarm the security system or control the lights using a secure pin code that they have chosen. Every member of your home may also have their own codes to control the security system. According to the ADT Director of Product Platform and Services, Rob Moore, it was their customers that asked for a voice-controlled security system. They wanted the convenience of disarming their alarms when their hands were full with groceries.

ADT realized that many of its customers also used Alexa to get weather updates, place orders for Amazon products, and also control smart gadgets in their homes. They worked with Amazon for six months to create voice control that would be not only legal but also secure for ADT security customers. It was a smart move because many other companies have been scrambling to make their products compatible with Alexa. For instance, products like the LG InstaView Smart Fridge, Lynx Robot, and even some cars from Ford and Volkswagen integrate with Alexa.

A growing trend

These companies have recognized the growing popularity of Amazon’s Echo and Dot in home automation and have chosen to take advantage of it. In an interview with Wired, Mark Rolston, co-founder of Argo Design, indicated that in the next couple of years there would be a lot of “talking devices.”

Jon Darfler, ADT’S Senior Vice President of Emerging Markets pointed out during a call to Digital Trends that the added voice command feature is important. He indicated that it would enable users to create their own self-monitored security with the assurance that ADT professionals are available to help. Apart from integrating their security system with Alexa, ADT will also act as an Amazon Echo distributor. Customers will be able to purchase both the Amazon Echo and the Dot directly from ADT service vehicles. According to Moore, they will be stocking the devices in 4000 vehicles.

It is true that ADT is not the first security company to integrate Alexa into its systems – Scout Home Security already did that in 2015. However, ADT syncing its system with Alexa is a bigger deal because the company is the largest security company of its kind in the U.S. and Canada with more than six million customers. The partnering with Amazon Echo is a sign of things to come in the home security and home automation market.

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