Pixel’s Google Assistant Now Controls Smart Home Devices

February 13, 2017

Were you excited when Google announced its intelligent personal assistant mid-2016? If so, then you will love the news that the Google Pixel’s Assistant will soon be able to control your smart home. You will no longer need to purchase Google Home because the Google Assistant just got the home control feature update. As long as you have a Pixel phone, you will be able to control your smart home. Home Control is a feature that allows you to use voice commands to control smart gadgets like Nest, Samsung SmartThings, and more.

Siri on Steroids

According to Wired, Google Assistant is like Siri but much smarter. It is aware of the context behind a question you ask and can make quick replies and offer suggestions. Google Assistant also learns how you respond so that it can create personalized responses. Its algorithm learns as it takes requests and listens to your reactions. The AI-powered assistant has a friendly personality that will make you want to have regular conversations with it.

Giving digital virtual assistants a personality is important because it makes them sound more human. Having a conversation with an artificial virtual assistant that sounds like a robot is not pleasant. Google Assistant is chatty and answers questions in a natural way.

It is not opinionated, and it lacks depth, but you can rely on it to answer your context-rich questions with accuracy. Google Assistant continues learning through a process called “Transition” to get better at answering questions and having conversations. Since Google also regularly updates it, there is even a chance that soon you will be able to make payments for things using Google Assistant.

Google Assistant connects with your apps and even tracks your location to help give you personalized advice. For instance, you can ask “what’s the weather tonight,” and it will give you an answer based on your current location. You can even ask about the distance from one place to the next, tell it to organize your photos, and ask for a sushi restaurant in your area.

Automation Assistant

It is not clear yet when the home control feature will be available on Pixel’s Google Assistant. What is clear is that when it becomes available, you will no longer have to download individual apps to control smart devices in your home. For instance, the voice control feature allows you to turn off your lights while in bed by saying “Ok Google turn off the lights in my bedroom.” You can activate Google Assistant Home by going to the settings page of Google Assistant then tapping or clicking on Home Control. On the Home Control page, click on the plus sign to add your home automation devices like WeMo, Philips Hue, and more.

Once you centralize all the smart devices in your home to Google Assistant, you can tell any smart device in your smart home what to do. You don’t have to worry if you are not a Pixel or Pixel XL user because Google Home also has the voice control feature.

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