Top Brands for DIY Automation and Security

January 17, 2017

A security system is meant to give you peace of mind when you go to sleep or leave your home for work. You want to know that at all times your house is safe from fire, theft, and other hazards that may put your life and property in danger. There are two options when it comes to choosing security systems; you can either choose monitored security systems or do it yourself security products. A monitored security system comes with the extra cost of professional monitoring but sometimes needs professional installation. You do not need professional monitoring for do-it-yourself security products, and you can set them up on your own. Here are our top five DIY security products:

The Iris Home Management

The Iris Home Management Security Kit is a low cost home automation system manufactured by Lowe’s. You can install the system on your own and use it with many accessories like Schlage, Kwikset, GE, and many more. It has a free basic monitoring system that allows you to stream videos to your smartphone but you also have the option to get premium monitoring at a cost. The Iris system offers you three security packages, the Comfort Kit, the Smart Kit, and the Safe and Secure Kit. The Safe and Secure Kit is the one for security and it comes with a keypad, contact lenses, a motion sensor, and window decals.

Piper NV

Piper NV is manufactured by Icontrol Networks and is an all-in-one home security system. It has a HD camera that has sharp night vision, a pan and tilt zoom function, and two-way audio. The system integrates well with Z-Wave smart home automation devices such as the Z-Wave powered sensors. It uses motion and sound detectors to monitor whether there is any activity in and around your home. The system also monitors the temperature indoors and outdoors and sends local weather alerts.


The iSmartAlarm product line offer an internet enabled hub (the CubeOne), a pan and tilt enabled camera with night vision, a loud 110 decibel siren, and window and door sensors. It also has smart switches and remote tags that allow you to easily control the security system using a push button. The system is also IFTTT (If This Then That) enabled which helps connect with other smart devices in your house. It also allows you to create custom “recipes” that schedules your security system in any way you want. The iSmartAlarm also has an intuitive app that is easy to use.


Insteon is one of the most affordable DIY security systems on the market. It is Apple HomeKit-enabled, which means you can control Insteon devices and Apple HomeKit devices together at the same time. One major feature that HomeKit gives Insteon is the voice feature, which allows you to control your system through Siri. This feature is also available if you configure Insteon with Amazon Alexa. If you do not have HomeKit, you can simply use the Insteon Hub and add the devices or accessories you want. For instance, you can add thermostats, sensors, switches, smart lights, and more.


Scout is a new security company that offers users easy to install hardware. The hardware includes window sensors, motion sensors, and signage. Users can also self-monitor for free using a smartphone app or a browser. Scout is integrated with Zigbee, which allows it to communicate with everyday devices in your home. It is also integrated with Amazon Echo for voice control and has an IFTTT channel. IFTTT allows you to integrate Scout with other security and smart devices in your home and create custom “recipes” or instructions for your smart appliances or devices. You get all this without having to worry about installation fees or signing contracts.

Other DIY security products include GetSafe, Samsung SmartThings, Nest Cam, Salient Eye, and more. They all help you spruce up your home security without spending a too much money.


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