Sonos Alarm New Years Malfunction

January 9, 2017

Sonos speakers are popular because of their ability to stream audio from different types of smart devices and also because of their alarms. The alarm function allows you to set up your favorite song to play when the alarm launches in the morning. It can also play the music you like falling asleep to and turn it off after a specified time period. However, a few days ago some Sonos owners got a shocking wake-up call; literally. Their Sonos alarms blared a day earlier than expected and they were unable to turn off the music in the usual way.

Apparently, some of the users’ Sonos alarms set to launch on Saturday 31st instead went off a full day earlier. These users also had a hard time stopping the alarms, stopping for 5 seconds and then start blaring music again.

Sonos staffers responded quickly to the situation and recommended that users either disable their alarms or delete the alarm altogether. They indicated that once the alarm is disabled or deleted, the alarm music can be stopped in the normal way. According to Max P. from Sonos, the company was working on solving the situation and would post any updates on the Sonos community forum. John M., another Sonos staffer, indicated that a bug had interfered with the built-in system that reads leap year dates in Sonos speakers. He added that they expected the alarms to resume normal behavior on January 1st. However, Sonos did not offer an explanation about how they were planning to fix it. Disabling the Sonos alarm helped solve the situation. But it also forced people who rely on the alarm to turn to other alternatives like smartphones and so on.

Not Just Sonos

Apple faced a similar situation early January 2011 when they received many complaints about malfunctioning alarms from iPhone users worldwide. The issue went on unresolved for almost four days for some users. Apple later confirmed that the issue stemmed from an iOS bug that made repeating alarms fail to launch on the first days of the year 2011. Both of these incidents just shows that alarm malfunction can happen to any smart device from any company. The good news: these bugs can be fixed. Update the software that runs the devices to stop the malfunction from happening again.

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