The Personal Innovation of Hi-Fi Speakers

December 27, 2016

Perhaps one of the most underrated experiences is the satisfaction gained from listening to good music through a room-filling, high-quality speaker. Good sound quality can enhance the existential experience that music was intended to provide. The latest and greatest in quality sound is Hi-Fi, short for high-fidelity. Hi-Fi is, at its core, especially amazing and unparalleled high-quality sound. This sound was once produced only in the studio. However, because of such incredible advancements in audio technology, it is now available right in your home.

Denon HEOS

Two speaker systems that deliver some of the highest quality sounds on the market are the Denon HEOS 3 Speaker and the Sonos PLAY:3 Speaker. These have numerous similarities, but there are some distinct and notable differences between the two cutting-edge speakers. The HEOS 3 Speaker, an acoustically sculpted Wi-Fi speaker, delivers sound that fills many different rooms at once. You can use the HEOS speakers in groups, all connected to the same app, to either each play the same song or play a different song. This means that you can buy a few of these speakers for a couple of different rooms and use them all to listen to the same song with incredible clarity. Additionally, you can set them up in separate rooms to listen to difference music. This is an incredible multi-room audio feature for parties.

The HEOS includes dual custom full-range drivers powered by a two-channel class-D amplifier that delivers high-resolution sound. With bass and treble controls built in, the sound is customizable to the user. It embraces the new advances in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology while still including an Ethernet, USB, and aux input. You can also easily pair any of your music apps with the speaker. The sleek design and minimal buttons create a gorgeous and riveting listening experience.


The Sonos PLAY:3 Speaker comprises of three custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers, one more driver than the HEOS speaker. It also contained a bass radiator to increase the impact of the sound. The Sonos speakers, just like the HEOS speakers, vary in size to fill different sized rooms with sound. The Sonos speakers can effortlessly pair with your smartphone, and your experience maximized by using the coordinated apps. However, unlike the HEOS speaker, the Sonos speaker gives you customizable sound to the room. This technology, called TruePlay, scans the surroundings and changes the listening experience based on the layout of the room, giving you the most authentic sound possible.

With wireless capabilities and a plug for an ethernet cable, the versatility of this speaker is unlimited. Although less shapely than the HEOS speaker, the Sonos provides just as powerful sound with minimal, but useful, buttons. Both of these speakers utilize your home’s network connection instead of a phone or tablet connection because Wi-Fi streaming is the clearest way to fill your entire home with music.

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