Garage Door Automation for Smart Homes

The Perks of Automating Your Garage Door

December 27, 2016

If performed often enough, an action becomes almost second nature. Without even thinking about it, you carry out the action with virtually no recollection about whether or not you performed it. Probably the most common example of such an action is through the use of a garage door. You close it every time you leave your house, often without even thinking about it. However, this leads to questions of whether or not you did close it. It is such an easy task that has potentially disastrous consequences if not performed. The garage is the largest access point into your house, leaving all of your possessions vulnerable if left open. To save time and unnecessary stress, it is possible and very beneficial to automate your garage door. This step can serve either as the first part of your home to be automated or the next addition to your home automation collection.

Control in the Palm of Your Hand

The best part of garage door automation is the ease of use. You can set up your garage door to send alerts to your phone if left open. You can also open and close your garage door through your smartphone – from anywhere! Not only does this product produce incredible peace of mind, but it also puts control in your hands entirely. If a family member or a friend needs to get inside without a key to the house, you can open and close the garage door for them remotely. Some wireless systems can be easily installed and integrated with preexisting automated devices within your home. For example, using IFTTT (If This Then That) technology, you can program the opening of the garage door with something like the activation of the lights in your house.

Home Automation offers endless possibilities. This technology can save you a whole lot of worry, time, and bring an entirely new meaning to the phrase “ease of access” in your life!

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