Amazon Created One of the Most Helpful Additions to Your Home

December 27, 2016

One of the latest and greatest developments in technology is the mastering of voice recognition devices. Two of the most renowned devices with these capabilities are the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Dot. While both devices are incredibly similar with the same manufacturer, both provide different experiences in the home. With only the utterance of a few words, you can check the weather, get the news, play your favorite song, or control any automation devices in your home.

Amazon’s Alexa

Even though the Amazon Dot is about 1/4th of the size of the Echo, it is just as smart. Both devices use “Alexa” who is always on and always ready to answer your questions or follow your commands. Both are Bluetooth compatible and Wi-Fi connectable. The Echo functions as a high-quality speaker, complete with a 2.5-inch woofer and 2.0-inch tweeter. The speaker easily fills an entire room, spilling sound out of the 360° cylinder. Because of this, “Alexa” can easily recognize your voice and give you clear feedback. With far-field voice recognition, “Alexa” picks up your voice from a different room, even if other sounds in the way.

Voice Capabilities

The Echo gives you information in real-time and can connect to a host of various apps to make your life at home much easier and more fun. For example, you could easily ask “Alexa” to read you a recipe in the kitchen while you’re cooking or to turn on the lights in your dining room. The Dot includes these capabilities too, but you must plug it into a speaker to play music. Whether you’re buying a few to have in different rooms, or just getting started with your smart home conversion, either of these will be of great service to you and your entire family. As new Amazon products are released, they are perfecting the Echo and the Dot into amazing and capable machines. They will only get smarter as the market expands, providing you with the most interactive and helpful two-way conversation you will ever be a part of!


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