HomeKit – Apple’s Genius Foray into Home Automation

December 8, 2016

apple homekit icon

One of the most trusted and user-friendly tech companies is making their long-awaited foray into the world of home automation – and they’re not fooling around. Apple continues to make life easier by dominating the market and combining with several different manufacturers of home automation products. Apple can also take any smart product that you have in your home – whether its lights, shades, locks, cameras, thermostats, or speakers – and manage them through their home automation network and an app called HomeKit. Not only are all the devices you add to the network incredibly secure, but they can also be enabled, controlled, and maintained on most Apple devices. With a convenient new Home app, you now control every automated feature of your home from your iPhone.

An All-Inclusive App

Even though each smart product usually comes with its own app, enabling HomeKit gives you the power to control every smart product you own in a single app. All of your smart products will now be able to communicate with one another, working together on a single platform. No more managing each of your smart accessories on separate third party apps! Apple’s system for checking products and ensuring iPhone compatibility guarantees the reliability of the products and perfect integration.

The HomeKit app, just like all the other apps made by Apple, also has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface that will only get better with each software update. The devices are easy to pair through the app on your iPhone or iPad, and then you can begin managing them immediately. Probably the most exciting feature of the HomeKit app is the integration of Siri. You can tell Siri to adjust your thermostat or turn your lights on without even opening the app! Apple’s addition to home automation is sure to revolutionize the market and make it easier and more convenient for users.

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