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5 Simple Ways to Save Time by Automating Your Lighting

December 7, 2016

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend turn lights on and off, adjusting your thermostat, or spending time fiddling with your keys to unlock the door? We will give you an idea of how much time you are spending on manually controlling lighting and how automation can save you those valuable minutes.

How Much Time Are You Spending Doing Things That Can Be Automated?

The average person will spend 3-5 minutes turning on and off light switches in their home. That means most people will spend about an entire day out of their year doing this simple task. Not only is automating your home incredibly time saving but it is also a much more efficient way of doing these things.

Automate your lighting

  1. Have your lighting all set on timers –

    Make sure to set your outdoor lighting on a sunrise sunset schedule or a shut off time during the night. You can set timers at night to turn on a couple of lamps and turn off all remaining lights in your main areas. You may also consider having your bedroom lights fade up in brightness, which makes a great alarm.

  2. Have an occupancy vacancy timer –

    You can install motion sensors in all of the rooms to automatically turn the light when someone enters the room or closet. Have the vacancy sensor set to automatically turn off any lights when there are 5 minutes of no motion.

  3. Adjust the brightness for time of day –

    This can be one of the most effective ways of saving time and energy. Set the living room lights to come on only at 30% brightness in the afternoon and 80% during the night. You can also have light sensors adjust the brightness according to how much natural light is present.

  4. Create scenes for your lights –

    Scenes are a great way to turn on and off lights and set brightness levels quickly. You can add any lights or devices into a scene that you might use often or that you like.

  5. Have an “All Off” button or Trigger –

    Instead of running through your house making sure every light is off, why not click one button of your phone and turn them all off. If you have your Home Security System linked to your automation, you can have it turn off all of the lights when you set your alarm.

Saving valuable minutes every day allows someone to spend that extra time on more important tasks. Not only will you save time by automating your lighting but you will also be saving energy. Everyone could use savings on utility bills.


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